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Singapore Airport Hotel

The name Singapore is derived from the root words Singa and Pura which mean Lion and City respectively. Singapore roars like the Asiatic lion when it comes to international banking, finance, trade and commerce. In this respect Singapore is like the capital of Asia and Hong Kong which is also in Asia pales in comparison to Singapore. Singapore is also a leading hub airport of the world and a shopper's haven. Singapore also has many great tourist attractions so much so that with increased sightseeing in Singapore, there is an increased demand for accommodation in Singapore. Many hotels including airport hotel in Singapore have come up in recent years.

These hotels near the Changi International Airport enable the airlines crew and transit passengers to stay for the night or day or even longer without the hassles of unnecessary ground travel. Competition for providing demanding transit passengers and airlines with good deals has ensured that the hotels offer the best facilities at competitive rates. In fact, the airport hotels in Singapore offer the best return on your money. In Singapore while you can expect to find good value for money accommodation in the Heritage, Chinatown, Little India, North Downtown and Sentosa Island districts, the best functional accommodation will however be found close to the airport.

Singapore Airport hotel are in all classes - you can expect to find starred hotels in the 5, 4 and 3 star categories as well as 2 star and budget hotels. These hotels are just right for harried and tired airlines crew, for the perpetually traveling business guests as well as for families with or without bawling kids. The airport hotels position themselves at guests who need to find good accommodation fast and have a plane to catch (or fly!) in some time or go sightseeing in Singapore the next morning. The airport hotels in Singapore offer all the amenities in their class and will often offer you upgraded rooms and facilities too.

These hotels do not have to factor in the cost of exclusive chic hotel location which Orchard Road and other hotels have to take into account. Moreover, given the very economical and efficient MRT subway train system and other means of transport, traveling to the city center from the airport hotels in Singapore does not pose any difficulties. These hotels also assist the business traveler in photocopying, facsimile and other secretarial help. Therefore, on your next visit to Singapore, choose to stay at one of the Following Airport Hotels in Singapore:

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